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How soon would you like to open your FootBnB? help
What city are you located in?
Include your address, city, state and zip code
Check the amenities this property offers
Private room and board
Private bathroom
Remote entry
Key will be provided
Shared living area
Facility is always kept clean
Facility is always ready for guests
This is a house
This is an apartment/condo
This is a guest house
Private swimming pool
Shared swimming pool
Why do you feel your location would make a good FootBnB?
Include files as examples (show a picture of each room available):
Policies, terms, conditions, FAQ & Session Protocol: help
I have read, understand and agree:
Describe your FootBnB in detail
Turn your own location into a FootBnB available for foot models and members to hold sessions and photo shoots along with overnight stays for traveling or local foot fetish guests. Fill out this form and we will get back to your regarding our decision within 72 hours.  

What the registration fee includes:
A review of the info you include on this form including pictures provided.
A decision of approval or denial within 72 hours of application submission.
Upon approval of application, a scheduled inspection by Xana and/or a qualified staff members of XP.
A start-up checklist of what is needed and what is required on your part.
Document and legal paper work needed to launch your FootBnB location.
Gathering of additional information if needed.

Fees associated with your FootBnB:
The 1-time $249.95 registration, review of applications FEE is non-refundable.
If approved for FootBnB based on your application, another 1-time walk-thru fee (non-refundable) $249.95 may be required before a walk through is scheduled, based on where you are located.

Income associate with your FootBnB:
Once approved, your location will earn 50% of the profits netted per month at your FootBnB location.

Requirements for FootBnB:
Must be located in one of the listed cities or states. 
Must be owned or rented by you, in your name, lease agreement/mortgage documents will be required.
Must be a home, guest house, apartment or condo that is suitable for overnight stays and uphold the quality standard XP's expects.
Must have separate sleeping quarters/private bathroom available for guests.
Must have apple parking for guests.
Must be safe and in operating order at all times.
Must be clean and maintained at all times.
Must be child and pet free at all times.
Must be fully furnished.
Upon approval, you must provide a 1 night free stay as part of the review process.
Additional requirements are listed on our documents.

For questions regarding starting your own FootBnB before you register, contact [email protected] 

Be sure to read the below details about our other FootBnB location to be sure you are up to speed, and can comply with the standard expected when opening your own FootBnB!

"FootBnB is Xana's Palace exclusive Foot Palace location for out of town guests planning to stay over night. FootBnB is a trademark of Xana's Place and is legal in the United States and does not break any state or government laws what-so-ever. Our locations are located in private homes, quest houses, condo or apartment around the country and we are looking for locations in the states and cities as listed. Our FootBnB's are in immaculate condition with private room and board. The overnight stay room should include at least a queen size bed, clean linens, wifi with private bathroom, shower, stocked with clean towels at minimum. Our guests have access to the common areas of the house including kitchen, living room, patio etc for the duration of their stay. Our FootBnB locations are reserved only for those guests who are booking sessions. A half hour session minimum is required in order to stay the night.

Many upgrades become available to the guests on the booking form. Our experienced local hostesses, make sure your trip is stress-free and well planned out. The host/ hostess of the house is responsible to make sure the house is clean at all times and in working order.

Guest reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable for other items or other BnB locations. We do not allow any same day changes or cancellations. We will make a 1-time exception, with at least 48 hour notice, to reschedule for a different date or time. 

Your location is available for the guest that has reserved the location only. Outside guests are not permitted unless they are Palace models and are only permitted during a scheduled appointment. 

Breakfast is available for guest of your location including an English Muffin and choice of toppings. Along with two different kinds of fruit and a beverage of choice. Food or beverages above and beyond this are additional costs. The host or hostess of the location is not obligated to entertain or be of service in anyway outside of maintenance of the location and an initial and final walk through. If you need any additional upgrades to make your stay more comfortable, please make the appropriate selection upon checkout or purchase additional ad-on's at anytime. If we suspect any illegal behavior in or on our locations, we reserve the right to discontinue service without a refund.

Be sure to read over our Session Protocol & FAQ pages for more info on how sessions take place, and so you are aware of what's allowed and what's not. Email if you have any further questions. 

This is a quick announcement to let you know we comply with the United States' Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA).

At Xana's Palace (XP) we've long taken a zero-tolerance stance on any behavior that might suggest prostitution or any other illegal form of exploitation. As always, we ask that you never arrange in-person meetings with any of our users outside of our facility. Even if your intention is innocent and friendly, such meetings risk violating FOSTA and could pose a real threat to your privacy and personal safety. If behavior like this comes to our attention, we’re obligated to take appropriate action, including shutting down your account if necessary. If you have any questions about Xana's Palace and FOSTA, please contact a XP representative."

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